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Some of the restaurants in Japan are quite difficult to make reservations especially when you are not able to speak Japanese.  

Picrumb is currently offering free reservation for below recommended restaurants where you can try the best local food while having unique experiences in Japan.  Go to below pages and make reservations at least 1 day in advance so that we can have enough time to prepare better seats for you!

Sengoku Buyuden

Sengoku Buyuden in Shinjuku creates a splendid ambiance of the old times of Japan.  Once you reach the entrance, the colorful armors that majestically stand welcome you to the Sengoku world where you can also see the well ordered printed flags of the family crests of those warriors.  

Alice in Wonderland

One of the oddest restaurants in Tokyo where you may find an astonishing scenery of the world of Alice once you pass the charmingly designed book shaped door at the entrance. 


Once you step inside Shimantogawa, you will find a beautiful creek and a big old tree in the middle of the room that is creating an outstanding atmosphere of the pure Japanese style.  

Hoshizora no Nakae

If you want to arrange one of the most romantic time in Tokyo for your dinner, it may be a good idea to visit Hoshizora no Nakae (meaning "into the star" in Japanese) with an astonishing sky view from the 50th floor of the skyscraper in Shinjuku.

Nanairo Temariuta

Temari is a traditional Japanese handball used as a toy and gradually became an art as the time passed, with the functional stitching becoming more decorative and detailed. Nanairo Temari Uta has made a sensational way of making the Temari (that is merely an old colorful object) well known and useful by turning it into a colorful cozy room for people to sit. 



Kouchi Prefecture, which is located at Shikoku area (the southern part of Japan), has established their own cuisine called Warayaki (straw firing).  

You may be able to see the well trained chefs straw fire up to 800 - 1000 degrees to roast their fresh ingredients on their frying pan and pulls it out from the fire at the best timing.  

Kakurebou Shinjuku

Kakurebou Shinjukuten


The restaurant has a calm and unobtrusive atmosphere with its unique way of using lights making the spacious room so romantic and luxurious.  Perhaps it may be difficult to find better places around Shinjuku to have chat privately with your partner than this restaurant, as how "Kakurebou" (meaning hiding place in English) explains, the place gives you a very comfortable privacy during your meal. 

Ehon no Kunino Alice


If you have been to Alice in Wonderland in the past and liked it, you may as well try Ehon no Kunino Alice too to see the astonishing world of Alice again. Only when this time, you are not going to the wonderland, but to the world of the picture book where you will find whole bunch of clippings from the picture book in the story of Alice. 

Kirino Koshitsu Seirou (霧乃個室清郎)

Kirino Koshitsu Seirou


If you are looking for a way to spend a night in the best Izakaya restaurant with cool Japanese ambience in Shibuya, Kirino Koshitsu Seirou is the place to go. You will be amazed of their traditional steamed dishes using chickens from Iwate Prefecture.  

Ryoumano Sora

Ryouma no Sora Bettei

For those who are not familiar with the Japanese history, you may want to remember our all time hero, Sakamoto Ryouma, who fought for the country during the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate which is the end of Edo era in the late eighteen hundreds, so called Bakumatsu. 

Akutori Daikan (あくとり代官)

Akutori Daikan


When you feel like having delicious healthy stew, traditionally known as "Nabe" in Japan with your friends and families, Akutori Daikan is the place to go where it serves various kinds of exceptional Nabe cuisines in Shibuya.  

Christon Cafe

Once you step inside Christon Cafe in Shinjuku, the whole new world of aristocratic style church from Europe in the medieval times awaits you with its beautiful alter delivered from abroad and big majestic tables made of marbles creating a splendid ambience that is quite impressive to watch.  

Kyushu Kurodaiko


Kyushu Kurodaiko is a kind of Izakaya restaurant where you can have nicely prepared fresh half raw bonito and outstanding Motsu Nabe from Hakata which is a hot pot stew made with offal, vegetables and mixture of two types of white miso.  The wild meat tower as you can see on the picture, so called Niku Nabe, is a must order! 

Kyomachi Koishigure Honkan


Kyomachi Koishigure is one of the rare restaurants in Japan where you can experience the real traditional scene of the old town of Kyoto, so called Kyomachi.  

Warayakiya Shinjuku


Warayakiya in Shinjuku is the kind of restaurant where you would find it extremely Japanese. The way they cook the fresh bonito for instance, by straw grilling them with the dried straw in one breath, temperature as higher as 900 degrees to make the fish savory and delicious. 


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