Nanairo Temariuta - The Most Unique Restaurant in Tokyo (Shinjuku)

* We try our best to reserve better seats for you.

Restaurant : Nanairo Temariuta

Phone : 050-5869-7461

Address : Hugh max pavilion Shinjuku East Exit 5F, 3-28-10, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Nearest Station : JR Shinjuku Station, East Exit

Open Hour : Tue - Sat 17:00 to 04:00 (L.O.03:00), Mon, Sun, and Hol 17:00 to 24:00 (L.O.23:00)

Close : ※ year-end and New Year holidays

Price : [Dinner] 3,000- yen 3,999 yen

Credit Card : (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX)

Seats : 120 Seats

Temari is a traditional Japanese handball used as a toy and gradually became an art as the time passed, with the functional stitching becoming more decorative and detailed.  Nanairo Temari Uta has made a sensational way of making the Temari (that is merely an old colorful object) well known and useful by turning it into a colorful cozy room for people to sit.  Once you go inside the giant Temari, there is a round table placed in the center of the room and comfortable seats that goes around it making it cozy and easy to have chat with families and friends.  The main color used for the Temari seats is red which makes the whole ambiance quite passionate and fairytale-like.  

The focus in this restaurant are the round shaped Temari sushi (price varies between 150 - 350 yen for each depends on what you want to order) and tsukune (chicken meatloaf which price also varies between 280 - 320 yen). 


We have enjoyed salmon eggs, engawa (meat at the base of a flatfish fin), young yellowtail, and medium fatty tuna for sushi and grated daikon with ponzu vinegar.
For your information, if you want to have seats at one of those giant temaris, it would be better to make a booking in advance.  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 220m, 3 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Shinjuku Station, East Entrance

・Steps to follow : 1 - 11


Picture Guide Information:

JR Shinjuku Station East ➡ West Exit (Picture Guide)

JR Shinjuku Station West ➡ East Exit (Picture Guide)

1. Let's start your way from Shinjuku Station, East Entrance.

2. This is the East Entrance ticket gate.  After you come out from the gate, follow the arrow.  

3. You will find stairs to your left in less than 20 meters from the ticket gate.  Go upstairs by following the arrow.  

4. This is how Shinjuku East Entrance looks from outside.  Follow the arrow to the RIGHT (next to the police station).  

5. Go straight ahead for about 80 meters until you find crossing to your left.  

6. After you find crossing to your left, make a left turn.  

7. Here is the crossing. 

8. At the end of the crossing, you will find a street to your left.  Follow the arrow carefully.  

9. After making a turn, you are almost there.  Go straight this street for about 100 meters and you will find your destination to your right. 

10. This is it.  Go inside the building by following the arrow.  

11. Here is the elevator.  Press 5F.  


Enjoy the unique experience in Nanairo Temariuta (七色てまりうた)!

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    Ryan (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 11:24)

    Well it was damn hard to pronounce the name of this place right but surely good to stop by while you are in Tokyo. The Temari seats were little too small for us the giants but it was certainly a great experience. We loved the Temari sushi. We'd give 5 star for that one. Picrumb did a great job on guiding us to this restaurant as well. Thanx for your help!


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