Maidreamin - The Most Unique Restaurant in Tokyo (Shibuya)

Restaurant: Maidreamin Shibuyaten
Phone: 03-6427-8398
Address: 30-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Horaiya Building B1
Nearest Station: JR Shibuya Station, In front of Hachiko statue
Open Hour: Weekday 15:00 to 23:00, Fri and before Holiday 15:00 - next day 5:00AM
Close: Open 365 days
Price: [Lunch] 1,000- yen 1,999 yen, [Dinner] 2,000- yen 2,999 yen
Credit Card: (VISA, MASTER)
Seats: 50 seats

Not only Maidreamin is fun with full of exciting entertainment with friendly Maids, but also very relaxing place where many customers just sit back to enjoy its mysterious ambiance.  The first timers who want to have unique experiences in Japan are always welcome.  


When you get here, make yourself at home as it is their goal to make you relaxed.  They will pleasantly welcome you at the entrance by greeting you "welcome back" in Japanese as if you are a member of this happy community even when you came here for the first time.  



The dishes here are very attractive or rather artistic as you can see on the pictures neatly prepared. The Teddy bear shaped hamburg steak (1200 yen) and (Rilakkuma) Bear omelette rice (1500 yen) had an outstanding sense of humor which will definitely make you want to take pictures before you eat.  They will also draw any animals you choose with the chocolate paste for the drinks like cappuccino (700 yen) and brings with an extremely cute animal face for the special parfait like Lovely Min Float (1000 yen).  But not only that.  Every time Maids bring the dishes you ordered, you must call out the magic words together with the Maids (to make the dish become even delicious) which might sound embarrassing a little for the shy travelers, but consider it is part of fun in your unique journeys in Japan.


So open your mind and enjoy the ambiance with the friendly Maids in Maidreamin.  They also have shows by Maids which you cannot miss.  Enjoy watching them dance and sing on the stage!  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 400m, 5mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Shibuya Station, Hachiko Statue

・Steps to follow : 1 - 10

1. Here is the famous Hachiko statue. If you don't know where it is, feel free to ask anyone around you.  


Facing Hachiko Statue, turn to right to start your way.    


2. You will come across the scramble intersection and QFRONT (the building with a big screen) to your front.  


Cross the scramble intersection to walk toward QFRONT and make a right turn.  

3. After you make a right turn, walk straight for about 50 meters.  You are going to make a left turn at the first street.  


Make sure QFRONT Building is on your left hand side.  

4. When you reach the SEIBU building to your front, make a left turn.  Do not cross the street.  

5. After you make a left turn, go straight for about 220 meters and you will find your destination to your left.  


You will pass 4 streets to your left.  

6. When you find SUNKUS (Convenient Store) to your left, you are almost there.  

7. When you find Jeans Mate to your left next to the narrow street, you are already at the destination. 

8. This is the entrance of Maidreamin next to the Jeans Mate.  Go inside and take the elevator.  

9. Press B1F.  

10. Enjoy the unique experience in Maidreamin (めいどりーみん)!  

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  • #1

    Jill (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 04:17)

    Cute desserts with puppies face! The omlette is a must to order. They were all sooo cute. Oh and the maids dance as well but we thought the food was much more interesting than their entertainment. lol. Worth to visit maybe once or twice in your lifetime.


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