Kawaii Monster Cafe - The Most Unique Restaurant in Tokyo (Harajuku)

Restaurant : Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

Phone : 050-5589-4611

Address : 4F YM Square Bld, 4-31-10 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Nearest Station : Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingu-mae Station, Exit 5

Open Hour : 

[Mon - Sat, Day before Holiday]

Lunch 11:30AM - 4:30PM(L.O.4:00PM)

Dinner 6:00PM - 10:30PM(L.O 10:00PM)

[Sun, Holidays]

11:00AM - 8:00PM(L.O 7:30PM)

Close : No Holidays

Price : [Dinner] 3,000 - 6,000 yen

Table Charge : 500 yen


Seats : 193 Seats


Kawaii Monster Cafe is not just a restaurant but a world of fantasy and an art that expresses the "kawaii" culture in the heart of Harajuku.  Harajuku is the mecca of the kawaii fashion in Tokyo where you would find many strange looking "fashion monsters" with colorful hairs and eccentric outfits.  


If you want to find out what it means to be "kawaii", this cafe may teach you something from its atmosphere.  We use this word "kawaii" in our daily lives but it's not meant to be just cute nor just fashionable.  It's not neatly stylish nor beautiful.  It's not unpleasantly weird nor creepy.   Then what does it really mean?  Perhaps we can say that "kawaii" is something about "uniqueness + cuteness + respect" that you would feel through your pure heart that would make us "wow" at the first sight without any stereotypes or by thinking too logically.  So go ahead and find out what it really is in Kawaii Monster Cafe.


When you walk in Kawaii Monster Cafe, the first thing you will see is the one they call "kawaii monster" standing right in front of the merry go round, welcoming us to the fantasy world of eccentric fashion.  Kawaii monsters are the real people but they let us call them "monsters" because they are, in fact, really different looking from who you are.  You can take as many pictures as you like with the monsters and the super colorful surroundings of this world as you can see them on the pictures.  




The food are also quite eccentric but in a good way.  We have been to many places where they have all kinds of attractions but they usually never do great job on the food part.  Kawaii Monster Cafe is different.  The colorful pasta with five kinds of flavors and the french fries with monster dip.  The colorful poison cake and delicious fruit mixture drinks.  They were indeed "unexpectedly" great and we loved all the food they served including the polite kawaii staffs who delightfully explained about this restaurant.  She told us it's one of the best places to take pictures in Tokyo to post them on your SNS.  Yup that's for sure.  


The place is so iconic with full of mystery. Tokyo has all kinds of unique restaurants but this one, we must say, is really unique.  No wonder it attracts many people from all around the world.  Kawaii Monster Cafe is the restaurant with exceptional food and drinks where you can enjoy the kawaii atmosphere visually and it's creativity fostered in the heart of fashion mecca in Japan.  You will not regret coming here.  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 140m, 2 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingu-mae Station, Exit 5

・Steps to follow : 1 - 8

1. Facing Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingu-mae Station  Exit 5, turn around to start your way. Walk straight for 20m until you reach the intersection.  


2. Cross the road and make a left turn.  


3. Walk straight for 30m and you will find a building to your right that has Kawaii Monster Cafe.  


4. Make a right turn to go inside the building.  


5. Walk straight this narrow aisle for 20m and you will find an elevator to your right.  


6. Make a right turn and you will find an elevator. 


7. Press 4F.


8. Welcome to Kawaii Monster Cafe! Enjoy the meal!  


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