Baratie - The Most Unique Restaurant from "One Piece" Odaiba

Restaurant: Baratie
Address: Fuji Television Building 7F, 2-4-8 Daiba Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5500-5843
Nearest Station: Yurikamome line - Daiba station 3min on foot, 
Rinkai line - Tokyo Teleport station 7min on foot
Credit Card: OK
Price: 1000-1999Yen
Seats: 100 Seats
Menu:  East Blue no Megmi wo Ukete (Seafood Pilaf), Tomo wo Tasukerutame Shanks tono Chikai (Sliced Elephant Tuna fish grill), Kaigun-shoko ni Naru Otokono Tanjo (Curry & rice with fried chicken on bone), etc.

Open hour:

Regular Open hours 10:30~22:00(21:30 last entrance)

Lunch time 10:30~17:00(16:00 last order)

Dinner time 17:00~22:00

Hours during the event (Gasshu-koku): 7/13(Sat)~9/1(Sun)

Open hours 10:00~22:00(21:30 last entrance)

Lunch time 10:00~17:00(16:00 last order)

Dinner time 17:00~22:00

※Open on 9:00 on early open days

Last order time: Course (20:30), Food (21:00), Drink (21:30)


Restaurant "Baratie" is now open in Odaiba!!

The restaurant is located on 7th floor of Fuji TV building, offering food thematic to the scenes and characters of "One Piece". The menu changes every several months, and the opening period of the restaurant is not yet fixed. The restaurant is open until Sep.02 at least, so don't miss!


Also, check content below to confirm the direction from Daiba station or Tokyo Teleport station.

Direction from Yurikamome line, Daiba station


Direction from Rinkai line, Tokyo Teleport station

Picture guide to the restaurant

If you are coming from the Daiba station, it is easy to find.

Just look for the building with the sphere on top!

1. If you are coming from Tokyo Teleport station, it will take 5-7 min to the restaurant.

You can follow these pictures to get there!

Starting from the station, just out of the gates, turn to your right, heading to exit B.

2. This is the escalator going out to exit B.

Look for the sign above and make sure you aren't taking exit A!

3. Just outside of the exit B, there is an arcade leading to the intersection.

Go straight to the intersection.

4. At the intersection, you can either go straight or turn right to cross the crossroad.

This time, go straight.

After crossing the road, you will immediately turn to your right to cross the road again.

5. After crossing the road and turning to your right, this is the view you will see.

Cross the long crossroad and keep going straight for around 200 meters to the next intersection, where you see commercial facilities and the railway on the 2nd floor.

6. When you come near the intersection, turn to your left.

7. This is the view you will see after you make your turn.

Go straight for antoher 150 meters or so.

8. Soon, you will see a tube shaped escalator on your left.

You will take this escalator up to the 7th floor.

9. Take this escalator all the way to the top and you will reach the 7th floor.

10. Just out of the escalator to your left is the restaurant "Baratie".

11. Goal! This is the entrance of the restaurant.

Have fun!

Comments: 3
  • #3

    Picrumb (Sunday, 11 March 2018 00:47)

    Yes it is closed permanently. Thank you for informing.

  • #2

    luke (Saturday, 10 March 2018)

    Is the restaurant still open? because on google it signals that it has been permanently closed. thanks, I look forward to your kind reply, greetings

  • #1

    David (Monday, 26 October 2015 19:29)

    Hi, do you have to make a reservation here? Is it hard to get into?



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