Tomina - Best Blue Crab Cream Tomato Sauce Pasta in Tokyo Metro Tsukiji Station

Ultimate Dish : Blue Crab Cream Tomato Sauce Pasta.
わたり蟹のトマトクリームソース※(Only winter season[Oct-Mar]available)
Price : 1600 Yen
Restaurant: Tomi-na (トミーナ)
Dining out to find great restaurants is not easy, and it is rare to find Italian restaurants which offers set course (1,600 Yen) that includes the whole blue crab in its pasta (as shown on the picture) for under 2,000 Yen.  
The blue crab cream tomato sauce pasta in Tomina is exceptional and a "must order", while the fresh salad and sherbet for the dessert (and a cup of coffee or tea) in the set menu are very decent.  The restaurant is located inside Tsukiji fish market, which we can imagine that Tomina has a reliable outlet that is very professional and impeccable.  No wonder why we can enjoy such high standard quality for under 2,000 Yen which leaves everyone happy. 
The pasta has a perfect blend of the rich taste of the cream tomato sauce and the freshness of the crab.  It is undisputedly a pasta that you cannot miss out on when you are in Tsukiji fish market.
Nearest Station: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji Station
Phone: 03-5565-3737
Address: 1-gou,2,5-chome, Tsukiji, Chuou-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station: From Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Tsukiji Station 1 minute walk
Open Hour: From 8:00~14:30 [Mon~Sat]
17:00~20:00[Tuesday and Thursday]
Sunday and Holiday 11:30~15:00(L.O.) 17:30-22:30 (L.O.21:45)
Close: Sun, Hol.(Irregular Day if Tsukiji Market is Closed)→Tsukiji-market Calendar2013(The day with red point is closed)
Price: 1,000- yen 1,999 yen
Credit Card:N.A.
Seats: 13 seats

Total distance: 500m, 6mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line), Tsukiji Honganji Temple

・Steps to follow : 1 - 8


We guide you from Tsukiji Honganji today. If you don't know where it is, feel free to ask anyone around you. Or you can show this to them that says "Could you please take me to Tsukiji Honganji" in Japanese. 


A Now facing the Tsukiji Honganji, turn RIGHT to start your way to Yoshinoya.




 You will soon see a crossroad at this ""Harumi-dori"" signboard. 


Cross the street and walk straight ahead for about 160 meters until you pass the shopping arcade.  


C  Walk through a shopping arcade following the arrow.  Make sure LAWSON is on your LEFT hand side.  

When you come out of the shopping arcade, you will see this view.


Cross the street and keep walking straight.

E  Then you will soon see a gas station ( COSMO ). 


At this point, make a LEFT turn by following the arrow. 

After turning LEFT, you are now in Tsukiji market. Just walk straight for about 160 meters until you reach Sui-Jinja(Water Shrine) on your left hand side.

When you see the crossing as shown on the picture, there is " Sui-Jinja(Water Shrine) " on your left hand side.  Make a LEFT turn right after you pass Sui-Jinja by following the arrow.  

You will find Tomina (トミーナ) soon. Enjoy your meal!

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