Sushi Clock and Pizza Smart Phone Stand - in Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station(Kappabashi near Asakusa)

Ultima Souvenir: Replica Fake Food
Shop: Sample Shop Maiduru Honten (まいづる本店)
Phone: 03-3843-1686
Address:17-5-1, Nishiasakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station: From Tsukuba Express 9 minute walk
Open Hour: From 9:00~18:00
Close: --.
Price: 892yen-30,000 yen
Credit Card: N.A.

Total distance: 500m, 6mins (on foot)

・Starting Point :Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station 3rd Exit

・Steps to follow : 1 - 10


1. We guide you from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi 3rd Exit today. If you don't know where it is, feel free to ask anyone around you! Or you can show this to them that says "Could you please take me to Tawaramachi Station 3rd Exit" in Japanese. 


東京メトロ田原町駅の3番出口まで連れて行ってください (Toukyou  Metro Tawaramachi eki no sanban deguchi ma de tsurete itte kudasai.)

2. This is the Tawaramachi station's 3rd Exit.


Follow the arrow to go upstairs.

3. When you come out from the 3rd exit, go straight ahead for about 500 meters.

4. At the next corner you will see sushi shop with green signboard(京樽). Turn LEFT and go straight ahead

5. After you turned left, go straight ahead till the end of the street.

6. Continue walking straight. On the way, you will find a beautiful temple("Higashi Honganji(東本願寺)" on your RIGHT, as you can see the pictures below. 

7. When you reached to the end of the street turn RIGHT.

8. After you turned right, go straight ahead about 30 meters.

9. You will soon find another replica shop(東京美研)on your RIGHT. Which is also a interesting shop. Continue walking straight.

10. If you find the red post on your LEFT, you are almost there. 

11. Goal this is how Maiduru-Honten (まいづる本店) looks like. Enjoy fake replica foods!

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