Dozeu Iidaya - in Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station

Ultimate Dish : Dojyou Nabe Teishoku

Restaurant : Dozeu Iidaya


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In the Edo era, era just before Japan came under imperial system, the Japanese did not have the custom to eat meat. Instead of meat, the source of nutrition for the common people were “Dojyo (Loach)”.


After the wide spread culture of eating meat, there are only 4 restaurants were you can eat loach sukiyaki in Japan. “Dozeu Iidaya” is one of them.


Dozeu Iidaya is found on 1903, a restaurant with history of more than 100 years. There are many Japanese tourists coming to this restaurant too.


The photo of the loach sukiyaki is 1500yen, and during lunch time, it comes with rice, soup, and salad for 2000yen. You can choose the loach with bones or no bones. So you should choose with bones if you want to enjoy the wild taste, and no bones if you don’t like to eat hard stuff.


The taste is sukiyaki, sweet soy sauce taste.

The green cylinder and the red cylinder in the picture are Japanese pepper and red pepper. Sprinkle a little and enjoy the spice.

Deep fried loach and Tuna are also good to eat, and chilling out drinking sake is also a good way to spend time at this restaurant.


The restaurant has a quiet and traditional ambience, and the service by the staff is friendly. You can experience “Omotenashi”, the Japanese way of serving customers. 


Phone : 03-3843-0881

Address : 3-3-2, Nishiasakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

Nearest Station : It is a 2-minute walk from the Tsukuba express ""Asakusa Station"" A2 exit.

Open Hour : It is (LO21:00) all day at /11:30 - 21:30

Close : On Wednesday

Price : [Dinner] 4,000- yen 4,999 yen [Lunch] 2,000- yen 2,999 yen

Credit Card : Possible (VISA, MASTER)

Seats : 180 seats

・Total distance: 500m, 6mins (on foot)

・Starting Point :Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station 3rd Exit

・Steps to follow : 1 - 10


1. We guide you from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi 3rd Exit today.(※If you'll start from Tsukuba Express Asakusa station exit A2, you can start from our 6th guide picture below.) If you don't know where it is, feel free to ask anyone around you! Or you can show this to them that says "Could you please take me to Tawaramachi Station 3rd Exit" in Japanese. 


東京メトロ田原町駅の3番出口まで連れて行ってください (Toukyou  Metro Tawaramachi eki no sanban deguchi ma de tsurete itte kudasai.)




2. This is the Tawaramachi station's 3rd Exit.


Follow the arrow to go upstairs.

3. When you come out from the 3rd exit, go straight ahead for about 500 meters.

4. Going straight forward, you will soon see green sushi shop on your LEFT.

5. Continue going straight through arcade.

6. Going straight forward, make sure "ROX" building is on your RIGHT.

7. When you reached to this intersection, you are almost there. As you can see at the picture, there is "Asakusa Imahan" restaurant at the intersection. Cross the road and make a LEFT turn.

8. After you turned left, go straight ahead about 30 meters.

9. There you can already see the restaurant.

10. Goal! This is how "Dozeu Iidaya" looks like. Enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisuine!!

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