Ameya Yokocho (Ameyoko) in Ueno Tokyo

Ameya Yokocho, so called Ameyoko in Ueno is perhaps one of the most famous streets for discount shopping in Tokyo.  You may find not only cafes, fruit stalls, bars and restaurants around the area where you can enjoy the experience just by watching and eating, but also clothes, shoes, plants, and even antiques. It may be crowded with people especially on the weekends, but definitely worth a visit if you like street markets to buy eccentric local products in a bargain price. Some may say it is a very rare scene in Japan at such street with sellers shouting and trying to market their products, a country that is usually considered very modern and organized in every aspect. If you like street markets to wonder around to see something exotic and have fun negotiating the price with the sellers, Ameya Yokocho is the place to go.  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 250m, 3 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Ueno Station, Central Gate

・Steps to follow : 1 - 7

1. Facing Ueno Station Central Gate ticket gate, turn around and start your way. Make sure Information Center is on your left hand side.  

2. Walk straight for about 80m and you will find Hirokoji Exit ahead of you.    

3. Go outside from Hirokoji Exit.  You will find a crossing ahead of you in 30m.  

4. Cross the street and make a right turn.  

5. Walk straight for about 80m unitil you reach the intersection.  

6. When you reach the intersection, make a left turn.  

7. Enjoy shopping in Ameya Yokocho (Ameyoko)!

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