Xia Fei Shanghainese Restaurant - Best local restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui

Restaurant: Xia Fei Shanghainese Restaurant  霞飛點心拉麵
Ultimate Dish : 小籠包 / 灌湯牛肉餡餅 / 杏汁高力 / 招牌擔擔麵 / 馬蘭頭百頁卷
/ 鎮江肴肉 / 糖醋魚塊

Address: Shop B226-B227, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: 2801 6111
Nearest b: Tsim Sha Tsui Station
Open b: Monday to Sunday: 11:30-23:00
Price: HK$101-$150
Credit Card: Visa、Master、AE、Cash、JCB


The price of the dishes in Xia Fei Shanghainese Restaurant are very reasonable which is the first thing you will notice, but what makes you surprised even more is its quality. After having their excellent xiaolongbao(小籠包), dan dan noodles (招牌擔擔麵), and 灌湯牛肉餡餅 which are our recommendations that would never go wrong, it is not difficult to find out why the restaurant is always full of people. You may find the food to be above your satisfactory.

Picture guide to the restaurant

Total distance:  130m,  2 mins (on foot) 

Starting Point: Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Follow Exit D2)

Steps to follow: 1 - 11

1. Let's start your way from Exit D2.  When you get out from the ticket gate, find the exit sign "D" around you.  

2. When you come outside, you will find 7 Eleven.  Make a left turn.  

3. Go straight for 20m until you reach the shopping mall K11.  

4. You will find K11 ahead of you.  


There is an escalator to go downstairs.  

5. Go downstairs.  

6. Turn around.  

7. There is an escalator on your left to go down one more.  

8. Go down one more.  

9. When you reach downstairs, make a left turn.  

10. When you reach end of this hallway, you will find your destination to your left.  

11. Enjoy your meal at Xia Fei Shanghainese Restaurant  霞飛點心拉麵!

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