Spring Deer - Best local restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui

Restaurant: Spring Deer  鹿鳴春飯店

Ultimate Dish : Beijing Peking Duck / Seared lamb in Bejing Style / Shark's
Fin with Chicken Soup 
Address: 1/F, 42 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: 2366 4012 / 2366 5839
Nearest Station: Tsim Sha Tsui Station
Open Hours: Monday to Sunday: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00
Price: HK$151-$300
Credit Card: Visa、Master、Cash、JCB


When you come to Spring Deer, order Beijing Peking Duck.  The delicious crispy skin and its duck meat with a very juicy slither of fat which has a traditional Chinese flavor, must be quite overwhelming for the diners who have discerning tongue. When you get duck over loaded, make sure to order Shark's Fin with Chicken Soup and some juicy moisty pork dumplings for your side menu. They are also great.

Picture guide to the restaurant

Total distance:  350m,  4 mins (on foot) 

Starting Point: Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Follow Exit N5)

Steps to follow: 1 - 11

1. Let's start your way from Exit N5.  When you get out from the ticket gate, find the sign "N" around you.  

2. When you come outside, turn around and follow the arrow.  

3. Go straight for about 100m before you cross the street to the right.  

4. When you find the traffic light to your right, cross the street.  

5. After you cross the street, make a left turn.  

6. Cross the street and keep walking straight for about 50m until you find your destination on your right.   

7. Keep walking straight.  

8. When you find a green signbaord, that is your destination.  

9. After you go inside the building, take the elevator to go upstairs.  

10. Take the elevator to go one up.  

11. Enjoy your meal at Spring Deer  鹿鳴春飯店!

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