Jasmine Garden - Best local restaurant in Mongkok

Restaurant: Jasmine Garden  八月軒
Ultimate Dish : Crispy barbecued suckling piglet, Seared beef fillets with salad

Address: Shop 35, Level 3, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok
Phone: 3542 5768
Nearest Station: Mong Kok Station
Open Hours: N.A
Price: HK$151-$300
Credit b: AE、Cash


This is our "must go" place in Mongkok for a reasonable and fine local food. We were quite surprised to experience such quality Cantonese food like crispy barbecued suckling piglet and seared beef fillets with salad in such an authentic environment prepared by the very professional staffs. The atmosphere in Jasmine Garden was very chic but not to the extent where you have to wear formal clothes. It is located at the area with easy access from the station but almost hidden behind the escalators on 3F of Langham shopping mall. So watch our picture guide carefully. 

Picture guide to the restaurant

Total distance:  170m,  3 mins (on foot) 

Starting Point: Mongkok Station (Exit E1)

Steps to follow: 1 - 8

1. Let's start your way from Exit E1.  When you get out from the ticket gate, find the exit sign "E" around you.  

2. When you come outside from the exit, follow the arrow.  

3. Go straight ahead for about 50m until you reach the Langham Place.  

4. When you reach the Langham Place, you will find an entrance to your right hand side.  

5. Go inside.  

6. As soon as you enter, take the escalator to go upstairs.  

7. After you reach upstairs, walk pass the next escalator in front of you.  The restaurant is located behind the escalator.  

8. Enjoy your meal at Jasmine Garden  八月軒!

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