Fei Jie - Best local restaurant in Mongkok

Restaurant: Fei Jie  肥姐小食店
Ultimate Dish : Octopus / Chicken Kidney / Pig's Intestines
Address: Shop 4A, 55 Dundas Street, Mong Kok
Phone: N.A
Nearest Station: Mong Kok Station
Open b: Mon.-Sun. 14:00-23:00 or sold out
Closed on 13/8 & 14/8
Price:  Below HK$40
Credit Card: N.A


This is a typical street food in Hong Kong known for its braised menus such as intestines, stomach, squids and gizzard, etc.  Never tried anything that looks so awful?  Well the truth is, it does not taste as awful as how it sounds.  Once you taste their mind blowing octopus and digestine, you will have a great chance to get addicted to those ugly looking food for the rest your life.  That being said, never say never.  Just give it a try for the first time!  They are absolutely delicious!

Picture guide to the restaurant

Total distance:  500m,  7 mins (on foot) 

Starting Point: Mongkok Station (Exit E2)

Steps to follow: 1 - 8


1. Let's start your way from Exit E2.  When you get out from the ticket gate, find the exit sign "E" around you.  

2. When you come outside from the exit, follow the arrow.  

3. Go straight for about 150m.  You have to make a right turn at the 3rd street.  

4. Go cross the street and keep walking straight.  

5. Pass the signboard "Bonjour".  

6. Make a right turn at the 3rd street.  

7. Go straight ahead for about 300m.  You will find your destination to your right at the end of the street.  

8. Enjoy your meal at Fei Jie  肥姐小食店!

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