Kau Kee Restaurant - Best local restaurant in Central

Restaurant: Kau Kee Restaurant  九記牛腩
Ultimate Dish : Beef Brisket Noodles / Curry Beef Noodles

Address: G/F, 21 Gough Street, Central
Phone: 2850 5967
Nearest Station: Central Station
Open Hours: Mon - Sat 12:30-22:30
Price: Below HK$40
Credit Card: N.A


Kau Kee Restaurant, known for its best beef brisket noodles, has a long history on Gough Street.  What makes it so amazing about the restaurant is its unchangeable flavor that never gets bored or rather insatiable which may make you eagerly want to have a bowl once in a while. On the other hand, this local restaurant is not a fancy restaurant with a refined service and a relaxing atmosphere, it is best to have a bowl and leave once you are finished.

Picture guide to the restaurant

Total distance:  650m,  9 mins (on foot) 

Starting Point: Central Station (Exit C)

Steps to follow: 1 - 18


1. Let's start your way from Exit C.  When you get out from the ticket gate, find the exit sign "C" around you.  

2. When you come outside from the exit, follow the arrow. 

3. Go straight ahead for about 180m before you make a left turn.  

4. Cross the street and keep walking straight.  

5. Cross the street and keep walking straight.

6. Make a left turn at the Jubilee Street.  

7. Jubilee Street. 

8. Go straight for about 80m before you make a right turn.  

9. Make a right turn.  

10. Walk straight for about 150m before you make a left turn.  

11. You will find stairs to go up to your left.  Look for the stairs very carefully.  

12. Take the stairs to go up.  

13. When you reach top, you will find 7 Eleven ahead of you.  


Cross the street and pass 7 Eleven to your right.  

14. Make a right turn at the 1st street (Gough Street).

15. Gough Street.  

16. Go straight for about 30m and you will find your destination to your right.  

17. Here it is.  

18. Enjoy your meal at Kau Kee Restaurant  九記牛腩!

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