Bus Ticket to Shizuoka Station from Shibuya

Price of the tickets :


Ticket For One Way Trip (2H55Min) :

◎ 3,400 JPY (Approx. 32 USD) / Adult

◎ 1,960 JPY (Approx. 19 USD) / Child


Ticket For Round Trip :

◎ 6,280 JPY (Approx. 60 USD) / Adult

◎ 3,400 JPY (Approx. 32 USD) / Child


*Price includes booking fee + credit card transaction fee + tax.

Direction Guide to Shibuya Bus Terminal from JR Shibuya Station Gates :


・ Central Exit Gate

・ Tamagawa Exit Gate

・ Hachiko Exit Gate 1

・ Hachiko Exit Gate 2

Reservation Form

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Agreement for Reservations

1. Reservation Policy

  • When the customer makes a reservation via our System, we will send an e-mail to confirm the reservation within 48 hours.
  • The customer must agree to receive the confirmation email by usage of the System.
  • In the event that the seats were unable to reserve on the customer's preferred date and time, we will inform the customer via e-mail.  If we were able to suggest for the alternative dates and time, we will inform the customer via e-mail and confirm the reservation after we receive the customer’s response to its e-mail.  The customer must respond to our e-mail within 48 hours, or else the reservation will be cancelled.

2. Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • The customer will be required to pay the fee of the tickets by credit card within 48 hours after receiving a confirmation mail from us.  The tickets will be automatically cancelled after 48 hours if we cannot confirm the payment.  

3. Cancellation Fee Policy

  • After customer makes the payment of the tickets by credit card, the customer will be able to cancel the reservation by 5 days before the reservation date.  In such case, the customer will be responsible for the booking and the refunding fee of 500 JPY (Approx. 5 USD).  Picrumb will refund the amount within 1 week.  

5. Queries

  • If you have any further queries regarding cancellation, please contact Picrumb directly.