Best Ramen Hakata Ippudo in JR Okachimachi Station

Restaurant :  Hakata Ippudo 

Recommendation: Akamaru Shin-Aji topped with Egg (赤丸新味 玉子入り)

Phone : 03-5807-2772

Address : 3-17-5, Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo

Nearest Station : JR Ueno Station, Central Gate

Open Hour : p.m11:00 -a.m 2:00(Mon.-Thu.and Sun),p.m11:00-3:00(Fri.Sat and the Day before Holiday) the following day December 31 until ... 15:00. I am

Close : closed only on January 1

Price : [Dinner] 1,000- yen 1,999 yen [Lunch] - 999 yen

Credit Card : N.A

Seats : 34.

English Menu: Available(check the pictures above)


You can find Ippudo in New York, Austraria, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, etc. Which means this ramen is successful worldwide, and it is worth it to eat this ramen.  The name "Ippudo" is named by the founder in his will to bring revolution to the ramen (which in Japanese expressed as “bringing in a new wind (Ippu)").  Ippudo in fact, became one of the most famous ramen restaurants in Japan in a revolutionary way.  One of the peculiarities of Ippudo, is the popularity from women.  The taste of the ramen is very delicate and mild.  Before Ippudo started Tonkotsu ramen, it was common that it had strong smell and taste.  Ippudo’s ramen did not have the strong smell, but still rich in taste.  You can also see from the picture that the restaurant is clean, and the tea served here is rooibos tea, a type of herbal tea, so that the customer can eat Tonkotsu ramen in more healthily.  These are the reasons why it became popular to women.

Here, you can choose the type of soup from White (Mild) and Red (Hot), but we recommend you to try Red and add an egg. You can also order how hard you want the noodle to be, how salty you want the soup to be, etc.

Take a sip and you will want sip after sip. That’s how good this ramen is.

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 850m, 10 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Ueno Station, Central Gate

・Steps to follow : 1 - 13

1. Facing Ueno Station Central Gate ticket gate, turn around and start your way.  Make sure Information Center is on your left hand side.  

2. Walk straight for about 80m and you will find Hirokoji Exit ahead of you.    

3. Go outside from Hirokoji Exit.  You will find a crossing ahead of you in 30m.  

4. Cross the street and make a right turn.   

5. Walk straight for about 80m unitil you reach the intersection.  

6. When you reach the intersection, make a left turn.  

7. Walk straight for about 150m and you will find a junction.  

8. When you find a junction, take the left street.   Walk straight for another 450m until you reach the big intersection. 

9. When you reach the intersection, cross the street and make a right turn.  

10. Walk straight for about 100m and you will find an intersection ahead of you.  

11. After you reach the intersection, DO NOT cross the street, but make a left turn.  Then walk straight for about 200m and you will find your destination to your left.  

12. You can find Ippudo to your LEFT.


13. This is Hakata Ippudo (博多 一風堂). Enjoy your meal!

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