Sashimi Bar Kashigashira - Best Seafood Bowl Restaurant in Tsukiji

Restaurant: Sashimi Bar Kashigashira (刺身BAR 河岸頭)

Recommended Seafood Bowl: Tsukiji Jogai don 3,000 Yen

Phone: 03-6383-4597

Address: 4-12-2, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Lions Mansion Higashi Ginza B1F

Nearest Station: Tokyo-Metro Hibiya-Line Tsukiji-Station Exit 1

Open Hour: [Mon-Sat] Lunch 11:00 - 14:00, [Bar Time] 18:00 - 23:00

Close: Holidays and Sundays

[Lunch] 1,000- yen 1,999 yen, [Dinner] 6,000- yen 7,999 yen

Credit Card: N.A

Seats: 32 seats

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The dinner course which excludes the drink is 4,500 yen in Kashigashira.  In this restaurant, the high quality of the fresh raw sashimi is simply phenomenal and how they display those slices of fish meat dished up evenly on a large round plate is just beautiful or rather artistic.  You definitely would not regret coming here for dinner but we recommend you to make the reservation in advance as many locals already know where the best place to have dinner around Tsukiji area! 

What also makes Kashigashira special is its unbeatable cost performance in lunch time that lets you enjoy the splendid tuna bowl (maguro butsu don) in only 600 yen in the center of the fish market in Tokyo.  It is in fact one of the most popular menus among the locals that is only available on weekdays.  You may find some sinewy parts in those chopped lean tuna placed on top of the freshly cooked vinegared rice but the quality of those fresh tuna against the price is guaranteed.  

The best to have when you are in Kashigashira though, must be the Tsukiji Jogai don (3,000 yen) that costs a little bit pricey compare to the tuna bowl but what you get for return is the exceptional overloaded double bowls of fresh seafood that would make you completely speechless.  It is one of the most delicious seafood bowl around Tsukiji area which was introduced in many TV programs and magazines in Japan.  Once you taste the slice of the fish meat on top of the Tsukiji Jogai Don, it will give you everything that you need to experience in Tsukiji market.  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 270m, 3 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line) Exit 1

・Steps to follow : 1 - 7

Let's start your way from Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line) Exit 1.

1. Now facing the Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line) Exit 1, turn RIGHT to start your way.

2. Pass Tsukiji Honganji Temple to your left.  Walk straight for about 50m until you reach the intersection.  

3. When you reach the intersection, cross the street and make a left turn.  

4. After crossing the street, make a LEFT turn.  

5. Walk straight for about 100m and you will find your destination to your right.  

6. The white building "Lions Mansion Higashi Ginza" is your destination.  

7. Enjoy your meal at Sashimi Bar Kashigashira (刺身BAR 河岸頭)!

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