Fukuchan - Best ramen shop in Tsukiji

Restaurant: Fukuchan Tsukiji Souhonten (ふくちゃん築地 総本店)

Address: 6-9-5, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045

Phone: 03-3545-6005

Nearest Station: Tokyo-Metro Hibiya-Line Tsukiji-Station Exit 1
Subway Ooedo Line Tsukiji-Shijo Station 6-minute walk
Subway Hibiya Line Higashi-Ginza Station 10-minute walk

Open Hour: 11:00-23:30 (23:00)

Close: --

Price: -999Yen

Credit Card: N/A

Seats: 50 seats

Menu: --

Pictures of food

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Came all the way to have ramen in Tsukiji but not sushi?  Well, that's not really a bad choice after all as long as you have chosen a decent place to have good ramen.  Here is one of the best ramen shops in Tsukiji where they offer Hakata Tonkotsu based (pork bone) ramen.  When you get here, order a standard Tonkotusu Ramen which you can choose either a plain (Assari) or a thick (Kotteri) type upon your request with wakame seaweeds on top. After tasting the soup, makes you feel like you are not in Tsukiji anymore right?  Enjoy!


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Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 400m, 5mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line) Exit 1

・Steps to follow : 1 - 5

Let's start your way from Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line) Exit 1.  

1. Now facing the Tsukiji Station (Subway Hibiya Line) Exit 1, turn RIGHT to start your way to Ramen "Fukuchan".

2. Pass Tsukiji Honganji Temple to your left.  Walk straight for about 50m until you reach the intersection.  

3. When you reach the intersection, make a left turn.  DO NOT cross the street.  

4. Then walk straight for about 260 meters until you find Fukuchan Ramen to your left.   

5. There will be a huge red and white colored signboard to your LEFT that says Fukuchan (ふくちゃん) in Japanese which you will not miss. Enjoy!

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