Eiichi - Best yakitori restaurants in Tokyo station

Restaurant: 栄一 (Eiichi)

Address: 1-5-1 Kkyobashi Chuo-ku Tokyo

Phone: 03-3281-6578

Open:  11:15-13:30, 17:00-21:30

Close: Sat Sun Hol

Price: [Lunch] -1,999Yen, [Dinner] 6,000-7,999Yen

Nearest Station: JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Central Entrance On foot 5 minutes 

Credit Card: JCB、AMEX

Seats: TBC

Menu: [Lunch]

 - 親子丼/Oyako don (Chicken & egg bowl) 840Yen

 - 焼鳥丼/Yakitori don (Yakitori bowl) 1050Yen

[Dinner] 10串コース/10 sticks course 4,500Yen 


Yakitori restaurant just close to Isehiro, the #1 ranking Yakitori in Tokyo station area, is Eiichi. This restaurant offers yakitori in more reasonable price than Isehiro, so the people working in Tokyo come more casually here. Also, this restaurant is the favorite of men, because of the volume of the yakitori bowl served here.
Night time is also popular, as with other popular restaurants, you can rarely go in without reservation on Friday nights. Although the average price paid for Isehiro and here are the same, you can have much more food and drinks here than Isehiro.

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total Distance: 500m 6 minutes (On foot)

・Starting Point : JR Tokyo Station, Yaesu Central Entrance

・Steps to follow : 1 - 13


1. Facing the JR Yaesu Central Entrance ticket gate, turn to RIGHT to look for the ticket machines. They should be around in less than 15 meters.

2. When you successfully reach in front of ticket machines as shown, let's start your way from here.

Now, facing the ticket machines, turn around and walk straight ahead for about 30 meters. Make sure ticket machines are behind you.

3. When you find doors to go outside, walk out the door and make a right turn.  

4. After making a right turn, you will see a passage right next to the escalator.  Go ahead and take that passage at the second arrow.  

5.  Go pass the yellow signboard until you reach the intersection in about 50 meters.

6. Cross this long intersection and walk straight ahead for about 170 meters until you reach the next intersection. You will be able to see a bus stop on your right hand side after you cross this intersection.

7. Walk straight ahead passing the bus stop on your right hand side.  

8. When you get to the second intersection, cross the street and turn RIGHT.

9. After turning RIGHT, cross the street again and walk straight ahead. You will soon find a little green statue on your RIGHT hand side.

10. A little green statue here.  Now you must walk 110 meters more until you make a LEFT turn. Count the streets on your left. You must look for the 3rd one.  

11. You will soon find a 3rd street where you must take LEFT. Brick building on your left is the sign.

12. Right after making a LEFT turn, you will see a street like this. You can already see Eiichi on your RIGHT in about 15 meters.

13. This is how 栄一 (Eiichi) looks like. Enjoy your meal!

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