How to go to JR Shinjuku Station East Exit (From West Exit)

We hear from lot of people that Shinjuku Station is way too complicated to walk around.  So here is the picture guide to help you reach East Exit from West Exit. 

JR Shinjuku Station West ➡ East Exit (Picture Guide)

・Total distance: 350m, 4mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Shinjuku Station, West Exit

・Steps to follow : 1 - 12

1. Let's start your way from JR Shinjuku Station, West Exit. 

Facing the West ticket gate, turn to left to start your way.  


2. Walk straight for 30m and you will find stairs to go downstairs.  


3. Go downstairs.  


4. Keep walking straight until you reach the Marunouchi Line.  


5. When you reach the Marunouchi Line, make a right turn.  


6. Walk straight for about 150m and you will find A9 Exit to your right.  


7. You will walk through the hallway.  


8. When you reach A9 exit, make a right turn.  


9. After making a right turn, walk straight for 30m and you will find stairs to go upstairs.  


10. Go upstairs. 


11. Keep walking straight for 30m and you will find JR Shinjuku East Exit to your right.  


12. Here is the JR Shinjuku East Exit.  


Comments: 2
  • #2

    Eric (Friday, 20 July 2018)

    Your instructions are very easy to follow.
    Thank you very much.

  • #1

    ma. teresa sandoval (Tuesday, 17 October 2017 08:23)

    i find this guide very helpful. just wondering if i can be shiwn exact route how to get to super hotel from east exit? i read that its just few minutes walking from there which I guess is very manageable but quite not sure how to get there... thanks


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