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Restaurant: Izakaya Renma (居酒屋れんま)

Phone: 050-5869-7425

Address: 3-27-5, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Keisury Building 5F

Nearest Station: JR Shinjuku Station 

Open Hour: [Mon-Thu] 12:00PM - Next Day 04:30AM,

[Fri-Sun, Day before holiday, Holiday] 12:00PM - Next Day 04:30AM

Close: No Holidays

Price Range: [Lunch] 1,500 - 2,000 JPY, [Dinner] 3,000 - 5,000 JPY

Credit Card: (VISA, MasterCard, UC, DC, Diners Amex, JCB, MUFG)

Seats: 140 seats

English Menu: Available

Coupon Available:  Izakaya Renma Coupon


We have found an excellent Izakaya place for you to dine at the heart of Shinjuku today.  For your information, Izakaya is a type of informal gastropub and it’s usually a very casual place for after-work drinking.  


Renma, not only has the varieties of delicious Japanese sake on the menu, it has selections of impeccable food such as Mizutaki Nabe (unthickened stew of chicken and fresh vegetables from Hakata cooked on the table), Dobuzuke Kara Age (special fried chicken dipped in a salty-sweet sauce), Mitsuse branded chicken meatloaf with exceptional cheese fondue on top grilled on the iron plate), Ton Kotsu Yaki Gyoza (the juicy fried dumplings dipped in the delicious pork bone based soup), and more!  They are all phenomenal especially the ones on the menu using the branded chickens from the Miyazaki Prefecture that are so tender and juicy whether to be fried, boiled, or grilled, you can feel the perfect chewiness of the meat.  Every bite seriously makes you go weak in the knees. The Nabe soup, on the other hand, is extremely tasty or complex we should say, that has so much thoughts into every ingredients mixed together in one splendid broth.  It was really excellent right down to the last bite.  Everyone on our table was blown away by how good it was.  Honestly, we are quite surprised with the quality of the food in this Izakaya restaurant which we have nothing but praises for them. 


We also liked the impeccable service and knowledgeable wait staff, and a warm lighted cozy room that has a very easing ambiance with the selections of fantastic Japanese sake to be paired (we wish we could stay there longer!).   


Last but not least, the better cost performance for the quality of the food and drinks is a MUST in this website, but Renma, no compliments at all, has a great cost performance indeed and we would surely like to continue using this place again for our events in the future.  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 150m, 2 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Shinjuku Station, East Entrance

・Steps to follow : 1 - 12


Picture Guide Information:

JR Shinjuku Station East ➡ West Exit (Picture Guide)

JR Shinjuku Station West ➡ East Exit (Picture Guide)

1. Let's start your way from Shinjuku Station, East Entrance.

2. This is the East Entrance ticket gate.  After you come out from the gate, follow the arrow.  

3. You will find stairs to your left in less than 20 meters from the ticket gate.  Go upstairs by following the arrow.  

4. This is how Shinjuku East Entrance looks from outside.  Follow the arrow to the RIGHT (next to the police station).  

5. Go straight ahead for about 80 meters until you find crossing to your left.  

6. After you find crossing to your left, make a left turn.  

7. Cross the street.  

8. Make a right turn at the end of the crossing.  

9. Walk straight for 10m and make a left turn.  You will find an elevator to Renma.  

10. Press 5F.  

11. You will find a signboard of this restaurant in front of the elevator.  

Renma in Japanese is れんま.

12. Here is the entrance of this restaurant.  Enjoy the best Izakaya food in Renma!

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    Lisa (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 20:27)

    Renma was like "the local" izakaya place where we were looking for to have dinner. Saw many Japanese workers gathering to have drink. lol. We loved all the food we ordered and good thing it wasn't that pricey : ) Gotta get a coupon from Picrumb too. Some of the food here were quite unique which we had never seen before, but really good! The staffs don't speak much English but they were polite enough to try their best to talk to us. lol.

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