Chojiro - Best Sushi in Kyoto Shijo

Restaurant: Chojiro (チョウジロウ)

Phone: 075-708-2037

Address: 103-2, Hashimotocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto B1F

Nearest Station: Hankyu Kawaramachi Station East 3-A Exit

Open Hour: [Mon - Fri] 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00- Next 1:00 

[Sat, Sun, Hol] 12:00- Next 1:00

Close: N.A

Price Range: [Lunch]¥1,000~¥1,999, [Dinner]¥2,000~¥2,999 


Seats: 37 seats (10 counter seats, 12 table seats, 15 seats for separate room tables)

What makes it so great about Chojiro perhaps is its deep understanding of the customers' desire to offer what they truly want.  English menu in iPad, for example, is a simple yet brilliant idea to break the language barrier for the foreigners to make the ordering much more easier and understandable.  The sushi toppings, on the other hand, are amazingly fresh and tasty and the price is reasonably low for such high quality.  The location is also perfect for the visitors where it is located in less than 5 minutes from the station by walking.  As many people already know Chojiro is so popular in this area but that maybe because it has everything you want for the sushi restaurants to have from every aspect.  When you want to have the exceptional sushi in one of the most attentive restaurants in Kyoto, Chojiro is the place to go.  The staffs can also speak English fluently.  

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 100m, 2 mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Hankyu Kawaramachi Station East 3-A Exit

・Steps to follow : 1 - 5


Let's start your way from "Hankyu Kawaramachi Station East 3-A Exit (阪急河原町駅3ーA東改札口)".


1. Facing Hankyu Kawaramachi Station East 3-A Exit, follow the arrow to the right.  

2. Go straight ahead for about 80m and make a left turn at 2nd street.  

3. Cross the street and make a left turn.  This is the well known street in Kyoto called "Kiyamachi".   

4. Walk straight for about 10 -15 meters and you will find your destination to your right.  

5. Enjoy your meal at Chojiro (チョウジロウ)!

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