Nawazushi - Best Sushi in Osaka Station

Restaurant: Nawazushi (縄寿司)

Address: 2-14-1, Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Phone: 06-6312-9891

Open Hour: Weekdays from 16:00 to 00:30AM

Close: N.A

Price: [Dinner] 3,000- yen 3,999 yen [Lunch] 2,000- yen 2,999 yen

Nearest Station: 8 minutes from JR Osaka Station

Credit Card: N.A

Seats: TBA

Pictures of Food


An old established sushi restaurant. As many of the sushi restaurants in Osaka, the sushi is offered for less, but this restaurant is one of the highest quality restaurant around.

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

Total distance: 900m, 10minson foot

Starting Point : JR Osaka Station Central Gate

Steps to follow : 1 - 25

Let's start your way from "JR Osaka Station Central Gate 


1. Facing Osaka Station Central Gate, turn to left and follow the arrow.  


2. When you reach the escalator, go around the escalator by following the arrow.  

3. Take the stairs and make a right turn.  You will find a signboard that says South Gate Building ahead of you.  

4. Go straight ahead to the door.  

5. Make a left turn as soon as you pass the door.  

6. Go straight ahead until you reach the end of the hallway.  


Make sure you pass the water fountain on your left.  


By the way, enjoy this artistic water fountain (find out why a lot of people stop here to take photos)!.  You will be surprized!  

7. When you reach the end of the hallway, make a left turn.  


Go straight ahead again for about 60m until you reach the end of the hallway. 

8. At the end of this hallway, make a right turn and go straight for about 70m.  

9. When you reach end of this hallway, make a left turn by following the arrow. 

Keep going straight for about 40m until you reach the crossing.  

10. When you reach the crossing, you are on the right track.  


Cross the street and keep going straight.  

11. Keep going straight until you reach the big open space.

12. When you get to the big open space, walk to the left hallway (next to the exit ahead of you).  Then you will find the crossing soon.  


Follow the arrow carefully.  

13. When you reach the crossing, cross the street and make a right turn.  

14. Go straight ahead for about 100m until you reach the big intersection.  

15. When you reach the big intersection, make a left turn.  

16. Cross the street and take the E streetahead of you.  

17. This is the E street.  Go straight ahead for about 160m until you reach the crossing.  

18. Make a right turn before you reach the crossing.  

19. Go straight ahead for about 100m until you reach the intersection.  

20. When you reach the intersection, cross the street.  

21. Cross the street and make a left turn.  

22. Go around the building.  

23. Go straight ahead for about 100m.  


Make sure the convinient store is on your right hand side.  

24. When you reach the crossing, go cross the street.  


Make a right turn at the next street.  


You will be able to find your destination in less than 20m.  

25. Enjoy your meal at Nawasushi (縄すし)!

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