Sushigin - Best Sushi in Namba

Restaurant: Sushigin (鮨銀)

Address: 2-22, Sennichimae, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Phone: 06-6643-3392

Open Hour: N.A

Close: N.A

Price: [Dinner] 4,000- yen 4,999 yen

Nearest Station: 5min from Namba Station

Credit Card: N.A

Seats: TBA

Pictures of Food


If you want to have "the real local experience", Sushigin might be good for you. There are only few seats available and no bathrooms so staying long is not recommended. But once you enter and sit on the counter table, you will be surprized of the quality as well as the varieties of their sushi toppings. They are all fresh and tasty and you can even order Fugu (the globefish) in here. Our recommendations here are Unagi (eel), Ika (Squid), and big Ebi (shrimp), and perhaps Hakusai (cabbage) sushi at the end. It's worth trying!

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 450m, 5mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Midosuji Line Namba Station Exit #1

・Steps to follow : 1 - 10

Let's start your way from "Midosuji Line Namba Station Exit #1 (御堂筋線なんば駅1番出口)".

1. Facing Midosuji Line Namba Station Exit #1, turn to right and follow the arrow.

2. Go straight ahead for about 30m and make a left turn. 

3. Go straight ahead for about 50m until the end of this street.  

4. Make a right turn and go straight for about 30m.  

5. Make a left turn at the 1st street.  

6. Go straight ahead for about 250m and you will find your destination on your right.  

7. Keep going straight and pass the roof.  You will eventually see streets outside.  

8. After going outside, your destination is located at 2nd street to the right.  


*You will see Hotel Alps across your destination.  If you pass this hotel, you have gone too far. 

9. When you make a right turn at the 2nd street, your destination is right in front.  

10. Enjoy your meal at Sushigin (すし銀)!

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