Genkatsu - Best Tonkatsu Restaurant in Ginza Tokyo

Restaurant: Genkatsu (ゲンカツ)

Phone: 050-5868-2384

Address: 4-6-18, Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, Ginza Act Building 3F

Nearest Station: Tokyo Metro Ginza Station (Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line), Exit A8

Open Hour: 11:30 - 23:00 (L.O 22:00)

[Lunch] Weekdays 11:30 - 15:00 (L.O.14:00)

Close: No fixed holiday (Follows Ginza act building)

Price Range: [Lunch]¥1,000~¥1,999, [Dinner]¥2,000~¥2,999

Credit Card: (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners)

Seats: 44 seats

Pictures of food

Another outstanding Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant in Ginza is Genkatsu.  The restaurant serves the exceptional pork cutlet, a slice made of 25 layers of thin pork loins batter coated inside which makes it extremely juicy and the flavor that spreads in your mouth is just breathtaking while the outside of the cutlet is pleasantly crispy. You may not feel its typical dynamic chewy texture of Tonkatsu that doesn’t contain 25 meat layers inside, but a lot of Japanese ladies love this lighter type of Tonkatsu in Genkatsu which is the reason why most of the customers in this restaurant are ladies.  You can also choose flavors of those slices of pork cutlet from plain, black pepper, ume plum and Japanese basil, leek and salt, condiment paste made from yuzu zest and chili peppers, cheese, and garlic. All of them match perfectly well with the Tonkatsu sauce, ponzu sauce, or rock salt, but we would recommend a simple yet the most sophisticated way of having high quality Tonkatsu by rock salt to enjoy the ingredients much more deeper.  When you have a chance to visit this restaurant in Ginza, make sure to order their Genkatsu Zen (1980 yen) accompanied with white rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, and fresh sliced cabbages.  

The décor, on the other hand, is very stylish and relaxing which makes a wonderful atmosphere to have exceptional Tonkatsu in Ginza.

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 55m, 1 min (on foot)

・Starting Point : Tokyo Metro Ginza Station (Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line), Exit A8

・Steps to follow : 1 - 6

1. Let's start your way from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station (Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line), Exit A8.

2. When you reach upstairs, face the exit and turn around to follow the arrow. 

3. Walk straight for about 50m and you will reach your destination to your right.  

4. When you find IBIZA building to your right, make a right turn to go inside the building. 

5. Go inside the building from here and you will find an elevator.  Press 3F.  

6. As soon as you get off from the elevator, you will find Genkatsu (ゲンカツ) to your left.  Enjoy your meal!

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