Nakasei - Best tempura restaurant in Asakusa

Restaurant: 中清 (Nakasei)
Address: 1-39-13, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
Phone: 03-3841-4015

Nearest Station: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station No. 1 Exit On foot 7 minute

Open Hour: Weekday 11:30~15:00 17:00~22:00,
  Sat,Sun,Hol 11:30~20:00

Close: Tuesday

Price: [Tendon] 2,625-4,200Yen, [Tempura] 7,350-14,700Yen

Seats: 60 seats (Only a few is allocated for Tendon customers)
Menu: --

Asakusa is famous for Tempura, have many tempura restaurants from good to bad and old to new. Founded on 1870, Nakasei, is one of the oldest restaurant in Asakusa, and it has been the favorite tempura restaurant for the locals ever since.
The course of tempura can be very pricy, over 10,000 yen for lunch, but Tendon (Tempura rice bowl) and a set of tempura is offered from 2,625yen. Have a visit and enjoy not only the food but the great Japanese style building and garden.

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 350m, 4mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : Kaminari Gate (Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station)

・Steps to follow : 1 - 6


1. We guide you from Kaminari Gate today. 

Facing Kaminari Gate, turn to left to start your way.  

2. Walk straight for 150 meters.

You will make a right turn at the 2nd street.

3. This is the 2nd steet called Orange Street. Cross the street and make a right turn.  

4. Go straight this Orange Street for 130m.  You will make a left turn just before the end of this street.

5. When you see the signboard that says Nakasei "中清" as shown on the picture, make a left turn.  

6. You will find 中清 (Nakasei ) sitting back at the end of the street.  Enjoy!

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