Seaman - Best Seafood Izakaya restaurant in Akihabara


Restaurant:  Seaman Akihabara (シーマン 秋葉原店)

Address: 1F JD Akihabara Bld 2-11 Sakumacho Kanda Chioyda-ku, Tokyo

Phone:  050-5592-8648

Nearest Station: JR Akihabara, Showa Dori Guchi

Direction from JR Akihabara Station, Electric Town Exit

Open Hour:  [Mon - Sun, Holiday, Day Before Holiday]

05:00PM - 00:00AM

Close: No Holidays

Price: 3,000 - 5,000 yen

Credit Card: VISA, Mastercard, UC, Amex, DC, DINERS, JCB

Menu: English Menu Available

Seats: 130 Seats

Wifi: Free Wifi Available

Coupon Available: Seaman Coupon


For those who haven't heard much about the foodie spot around Akihabara, go to JR Akihabara Station Showa Dori Guchi Exit.  This is the area where you can find all kinds of outstanding restaurants.  


Let us introduce "Seaman" today among many tempting restaurants around the area, the amazing seafood izakaya restaurant that offers super fresh seafood gathered from all around Japan.  Seaman, as how the name of this restaurant already explains, the restaurant is a full of fresh seafood, but more in a unique way.  


Kaisen Nabe Shio Chanko Soup (Salt Chanko based seafood and fresh vegetables stew cooked on the table), Kanransha Rokushu Mori (six types of raw fish on the wooden Ferris Wheel), Bukkake Shirasu Pizza (whitebait topped pizza), Hono no Bagna Cauda (fresh vegetables with burning Bagna Cauda sauce), and Ishiyaki Kaki Han (stone baked oyster rice bowl).  Some of the menus may sound quite strange to you, but yes, those are the recommendations that would absolutely make you smile before you leave this restaurant.  


The salt chanko based seafood and fresh vegetables stew cooked on the table has a mind blowing flavor, soup mixed with so many kinds of tasty ingredients boiled together.  In this Nabe style stew, you can enjoy the fish, prawns, squids, mushrooms, vegetables and have its tasty soup altogether that would make your body pleasantly warm.  The Ferris Wheel sashimi is not only entertaining to watch but also has pure quality in terms of freshness of the fish that goes perfectly well with the soy sauce and wasabi.  The shirasu pizza, on the other hand, is a full of whitebait, the tiny white fish on top, that may look pretty exotic to you, but you should give it a try because it's absolutely delicious.  The Bagna Cauda, just wows you with every bite dipped with the burning sauce that is literally burning in front of you.  We have never seen such Bagna Cauda before and it was absolutely worth to order.  Needless to say, the sauce was indeed exceptional with the fresh vegetables they served.  The stone baked oyster rice bowl is an oyster flavor based rice bowl that comes with the tasty soup stock. You can either have it without the soup stock or with it by pouring it on top of the rice.  We wanted to try both because we purely wanted to taste the oyster rice itself and also with the soup. To be honest, both the savory baked style and the "ochazuke" style were perfect.  We loved them both without any compliments.  We also find it very Japanese and creative mixing the baked rice with the fresh oyster, but above all, what makes it so important about this is that it is simply delicious. 


The staffs here are also very polite and has great service too.  We asked them how to eat the stone baked oyster rice bowl and they actually cooked it for us right in front and showed us the best way to eat it by pouring the soup stock on top of the rice.  


The food here are, without doubt, superior both by quality and by visually.  The seats are also good as they are all set comfortably wider for the customers which give them enough space to sit back and relax.  We are very sure you and your friends and families would love this local restaurant Seaman located at Akihabara.  We also loved it and are willing go back to have their excellent food again!

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 170m, 2mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Akihabara Station, Showa-dori Exit

・Steps to follow : 1 - 6


Direction from JR Akihabara Station, Electric Town Exit

1. Facing the Showa Dori Exit ticket gate, turn around to start your way.  


2. Walk straight for about 50m until you find an intersection.  


3.  When you reach the intersection, cross the street and make a right turn. 

Make sure there is highway above you while you are crossing the street.   


4. Make a right turn and you will quickly find a narrow street ahead as shown in the picture.  Take this street.   


5. Walk straight for about 60m and you will find your destination to your right.  


6. This is Seaman (シーマン).  Enjoy the best seafood izakaya in Akihabara! 


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  • #1

    Mark (Tuesday, 24 January 2017 19:25)

    Very easy to find the place either from JR Akihabara, Showa Dori Guchi
    or from Electric Town Exit. We just simply followed Picrumb's picture guide. The food was awesome in Seaman. They say "Seaman" but I personally think other menus besides seafood were also quite nice like ochazuke, the nabe, and fresh veges etc. We've also tried their Japanese sake just a bit (cuz I know it's really strong). Man it was superb, had to leave there before we got drunk. lol. Fyi, we got the coupon from Picrumb by making reservation.


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