Gottsu - Best ramen restaurants in Akihabara

Restaurant: Gottsu Akihabaraten (ごっつ 秋葉原店)

Must Have: Shoyu Ramen (しょうゆラーメン)

Phone: 03-3257-3330

Address: 18-1, Kanda Matsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Biore Akihabara 1F

Nearest Station: JR Akihabara Station

Open Hour: 11:00AM - 4:00AM next day

Close: Open 365 days

Price Range: [Lunch] ~¥999, [Dinner] ~¥999

Credit Card: N.A

Seats: 13 seats (only in the counter)

Pictures of food


A ramen full of lard! I know it doesn't sound nice. But each and every ramen shop has it's original combination of the soup, the noodle and the toppings. Tonkotsu (port based) soup with grated lard adds richness to it's taste. The noodle is not only made from flour but also with tapioca to add elastic texture to the noodle, and also tangles well with the soup.
Shouyu (soy sauce) ramen 680yen, Miso ramen 750yen.


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Picture Guide to the Restaurant

・Total distance: 300m, 4mins (on foot)

・Starting Point : JR Akihabara Station, Showa-douri Entrance

・Steps to follow : 1 - 5

We guide you from JR Akihabara Station "Showa-douri Entrance" today. There are three exits called "Central Gate" and "Akihabara Electric Town Entrance" and this "Showa-douri Entrance", so be careful. If you went out of the wrong exit, ask someone to take you to the Showa-douri Entrance. 

1. Make sure Showa douri Entrance is behind you. Walk straight ahead for about 60 meters until you find an intersection.  

2. When you reach the intersection, DO NOT cross the street.

Make a LEFT turn and walk straight ahead for about 260 meters.  Make sure the Highway is on your RIGHT hand side.

3. When you come to the intersection, 130 meters more to go.  Keep walking straight.  

4. You will soon find DOTOUR coffee shop on your LEFT.  The next to this coffee shop is the ramen shop Gottsu with red signboard.

5. Enjoy your meal at ごっつ 秋葉原店 (Gottsu Akihabara)!

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