The Seared Fish Outdoor Stall - Best Grilled River Fish near Victory Monument Bangkok

Here is the restaurant called Seared Fish Outdoor Stall where you can have the authentic Isaan cuisine in Bangkok.  You must get ready for the spicy food though, as Isaan dishes are mostly quite hot (and we mean it!).  Fortunately, the main dish we are about to introduce here called Blackened and grilled river fish served with a tangy lime is not that spicy which you can enjoy its amazing white firm flesh that comes with the tasty sauce.  Once you open the fish with your chopsticks from its crispy outer layer, you will find its beautiful steamy flesh crammed full inside.  The fish is big enough to share with 2 persons and the taste is not flat at all which is really surprising as many big fish usually don’t have much flavor.  The fish is simply delicious and we understand why there are so many people lining up to take their river fish home.  For the side dishes, you may order spicy minced pork salad with lime juice, shallots and fresh herbs, spicy pork soup with lemon grass galangal, and the marinated and grilled sliced pork with lime juice, basil and fresh herbs.  Papaya salad (som tom) with peanuts and small shrimps is also good to have although it is extremely spicy which might make your hair stand on end.  If you are okay with plastic seats on the street and don’t care much about having food on a stall outside, you should definitely try the exceptional Isaan food in Seared Fish Outdoor Stall while you are in Bangkok. 

Restaurant: The Seared Fish Outdoor Stall

Must Have: Grilled River Fish with tangy lime

Address: Soi Rang Nam

Phone: 084-917-7539

Nearest Station: BTS Victory Monument Station

Open Hours: 5 pm – 2 am

Price Range  $10 - $30

Picture Guide to the Restaurant

Total distance: 750m, 9min on foot

Starting Point: BTS Victory Monument Station (Follow Exit 2)

Steps to follow: 1 - 12

1. Facing BTS Victory Monument Station Exit 2, turn around to start your way. 

2. Follow Exit 2 and make a left turn.  

3. Walk straight and make a right turn.  

4. Walk straight and go downstairs.  

5. Go downstairs.  

6. After you reach the ground, walk straight for about 30m and make a left turn at the intersection.  

7. Make a left turn at the intersection. 


Make sure you do not cross the street.  

8. Walk straight for about 700m and make a right turn to cross the street.  


You will pass 2 convenient stores.  

9. Pass the 1st convenient store to your left.  

10. Pass the 2nd convenient store to your left.  

11. When you reach the main street ahead of you, make a right turn to cross the road.  

12. You can find the Seared Fish Outdoor Stall right next to the gas station.  


Enjoy your meal at The Seared Fish Outdoor Stall! 

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