Too many to choose one
Too many to choose one


We find many of you from overseas just wandering around aimlessly looking for some random restaurants where they have neat glass showcase displayed in front of the entrance that locals usually ignore.  


Why do nice displays of plastic sushi and tempura so attractive to you all? 


Because owners of the restaurant know that you want to have a quick look on how the local food look like before you actually enter.  


They also know that the best local restaurants do not like to show off, as Japanese like to have intimacy with the chef and the staff, rather than always having new comers in the restaurant.  So typically the tourists end up finding the one that is usually not that great.  

The selection of restaurants that Picrumb has, are all chosen from the most influential Japanese restaurant site used by 48 million locals monthly.  


We have excluded the ones that have absurdly high price as we define the real value in restaurants as having excellent food for less money. 

No Wifi on the streets
No Wifi on the streets


When you visit Japan for the first time, you will be disappointed to see how limited the WIFI connection is on the streets, when you need it the most to collect information about what to eat.  

How do you find the best local restaurants near you if you are not able to use Wifi to see Google maps on your mobile phone?


Do your guide books help you get to the right restaurants in such complicated streets?


Our survey did not show such result either.  Some hotels in Japan provide Wifi and you can get information from there but once you go outside, you are on your own without any connection.   


If you can download Picrumb app in advance, you don't have to worry about getting connected to Wifi anymore. 


Picrumb is an "offline" app, with pictures of streets to guide your way to the delicious food.

Picture taken by Georgie Pauwels
Picture taken by Georgie Pauwels


There are too many streets that have no names in Japan and even when you try to ask locals around you, not many of them can actually help you out to show you the way because they don’t speak English much! 


Also the guide books you brought from home show only the most popular places for tourists, and it is usually because you can easily find them on the major streets. 


Picrumb app will require you neither rough maps on your guide book nor 50 pages of Google maps you printed out from home.  It shows the pictures of street from the key place to the best local restaurant you chose among the best selection in Picrumb, in 8 major areas of Tokyo selection.


For example, when you feel like having an amazing Tempura in Asakusa, you can start your way from Kaminarimon and follow the pictures supported by arrows and texts on the app and it will take you straight up to the destination without getting lost.  


It is very simple.  


Just follow the pictures you see on the app.

We hope you enjoy and experience better taste in the best local restaurants in Japan with Picrumb!

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