Picrumb is an information tool specializing in local restaurants for the guests from overseas who are willing to add more fun and excitement to the journey. We know the "fun" comes from overcoming struggle when the travelers are in a different country and we hear from many of them ideally wanting it to be done a bit more adventurous and innovative.


  • Pick a restaurant from our list.  We have chosen the best local restaurants that are worth to introduce among thousands. 
  • You will notice we have pictures of streets with arrows and texts to take the visitors "visually" to the destinations.  Do not get a cab to make things easier but take few minutes to walk-though by following our picture guide to have fun finding the same view.
  • Experience more localness in a different country.  

How it works

Based on our survey after asking more than 100 tourists from overseas in Tokyo, below are the real voices about difficulties they struggled in Japan.

1. Language Barrier

  • Most of the Japanese people didn't speak English fluently and we had hard time asking and finding where we wanted to go. (from USA)
  • It took us so much time to get to one place to another as there were only Japanese characters written on the signboards. (from Germany)
  • We found many restaurant names written only in Japanese, so we couldn't tell if what we had written in English really meant what we were seeing in Japanese character.  "浅草 (Asakusa)" in Japanese character doesn't give us any information about Asakusa in alphabets! (from Australia)

2. Lack of infrastructure

  • We couldn't find Wifi in Japan except the hotels where we stayed.  It's almost impossible to find free Wifi connections on the streets of Tokyo or perhaps anywhere in Japan. (from Hong Kong)
  • Not able to use Google maps on the streets made me very frustrating to walk around such complicated city. (from Malaysia)

3. Lack of information about local experience

  • We were trying to find good local restaurants where tourists like us don't usually visit, but we couldn't tell which one among dozens of restaurants on the brochures that we got from information center is nice and local. (from Canada)
  • The list of the restaurants we got from the information center were mostly very touristy. (from U.K)

Based on the survery, Picrumb came up with the idea to offer "picture guide" to the best local restaurants both in Online and Offline.  Tourists can see the picture guide in "Best Restaurants" online and on iPhone and Android app offline. 


ONLINE = website

OFFLINE = iPhone and Android App


It basically shows the pictures of street from the key places to the best local restaurants


For example, when you feel like having an amazing Tempura in Asakusa, you can start your way from Kaminari Gate and follow the pictures supported by the arrows and texts and it will take you straight up to the destination without getting lost. 


Believe it or not, many tourists who used our service in Japan gave us the feedback saying that they followed our pictures with excitement as if they were "treasure hunting" in a different country.

Because we introduce the rare, local information about what tourists can do in Japan based on what we actually experienced.  So if you are a visitor from abroad looking for a nice touristic restaurant, this might not be the site you are looking for. 


As you can see a considerable amount of pictures of the local places we have been to, we have walked a long way and asked many people to make Japan easier and more adventurous for the foreigners to travel. 


We believe people come to our page "Best Restaurants" to see our "real experience" and the picture guide of how we get them there, rather than visiting our pages to look for the maps and the addresses. 

We always want to support making your precious time fun and exciting! 


Hello Travelers! 


Please feel free to give us any comments about the website, or let us know the things you want us to add on to this website.  


We hope the navigation to the restaurants was understandable and the restaurants recommended in the website left you a fantastic moment!


We appreciate your support!


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