Tokusei Torisoba in Daiki

As many of you know, Ramen is one of the most popular food in Japan, but do you know what exactly makes its bowl of delicious noodle a ramen? It is the soup that makes the ramen a ramen and defines what kind of flavor you are having. For instance, Tonkotsu ramen is a pork based soup, miso ramen is a miso based, and shoyu ramen is a soy sauce based respectively. Those flavors are very popular which you can probably find any ramen shops in Japan.


Our top recommendation for today is Tokusei Torisoba ramen from Daiki made of chicken soup which is definitely worth to check while you are in Tokyo.  Daiki has been chosen as a champion for the best ramen in Tokyo and it was introduced in a TV show in 2001. Ever since it got exposed in public, the ramen lovers all around Japan come to this shop to appreciate its exceptional chicken ramen and enjoy it until the last drop of its tasty soup. We want you to try its elegant and rich delicious soup also that makes the perfect ramen you have never tasted before. 


Ultimate Dish : Tokusei Torisoba (特製とりそば)

Price : 950 Yen

Restaurant : Daiki ( 大喜 ) 

Nearest Station : Yushima Station


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