Kiji - Best Osaka Style Okonomiyaki in Tokyo Station

If you are a big fan of Okonomiyaki, one of the most popular dishes from Osaka, Kiji may be able to deliver you the real taste of Osaka while you are in Tokyo. The most recommended menu in Kiji is Suji Yaki (980 Yen), a full of fresh healthy shredded leeks on top well mixed with the crispy pork meat and noodles with a good deal of crunchy bean sprout. You can watch them baking its raw Okonomiyaki on the iron plate until the surface changes its color to gold which is the perfect timing to cut it in half and start eating. Perhaps, you may be able to taste both the spicy and the mild rich sauce pleasantly pasted below the mountain of leeks. The Okonomiyaki in Kiji was exceptional without a doubt which even made us feel as if we were in Osaka. We would go back again just for their Suji Yaki.


Ultimate Dish : Suji Yaki (すじ焼き)

Price : 1080 Yen

Restaurant : Okonomiyaki Kiji Marunouchi ( お好み焼 きじ 丸の内店 ) 

Nearest Station : Tokyo Station


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