Fukamachi - The best tempura restaurant near Tokyo Station

The art of deep fried
The art of deep fried

Tempura Fukamachi is one of those hidden places far and away from the major streets that you would never stumble upon unless somebody recommends it to you and gives you a guide specifically to look out for it. 

When we first entered this place knowing that this is a starred restaurant by Michelin, we were quite surprized to find how small the room was with only 12 seats at the counter table and 2 separate tables at the back.  Though, we took it very positively as many tempura restaurants in Japan with no good taste sometimes tend to make the rooms bigger and make the customers sit very close to each other (trying to pack the room to pursue profit as much as they can).   However, we think making rooms bigger is not only practically manageable for taking good care of the customers but also the quality of the deep fried may also be ruined.  What customers really want from the tempura restaurant is the exceptional crispy deep fried (which needs a lot of trainings and techniques for making it) with perfect timing to bring each piece of the tempuras on their dishes by matching the speed of the customers finishing them one by one.  Hence, the size of the room and the number of seats (or number of people) looked down from the kitchen must be moderately small enough to be manageable to deliver the best tempuras in best timing.  As far as we know, Fukamachi has them all. 

When we first had the Special Kakiage Tendon (2,500 yen) from Fukamachi, we were stunned how such a small restaurant in a hidden street could serve such high standard bowl.  The carefully selected fresh seafood and vegetables such as prawns, lily bulbs, onions, asparagus, scallops, horse beans, crabs, and shimeji mushrooms all harmonized perfectly with the rich tempura sauce on top of freshly cooked white rice.  Using such rare vegetables for the deep fried was also very innovative and interesting for the diners. 
The owner of this restaurant seems reticent but always being professional about serving the best for the customers.  So note down Fukamachi on your list and enjoy the art of real tempura and its mind blowing crispy texture. 

Ultimate Dish Speical Kakiage Tendon (特製かき揚げ天丼)

Price : 2,500 Yen

Restaurant : Fukamachi (深町) 

Nearest Station : Tokyo Station

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