Toro Salmon and Salmon Egg Don in Uomori

The place where Uomori is located is nothing fancy, but that is the main reason why we like it.  This restaurant is one of those hidden places away from the major streets that you would never stumble upon unless somebody recommends it to you and give you a guide specifically to look out for it.  


Most of the dishes on the menu are around 700 - 1,500 Yen for lunch which is very affordable, and the focus here is the freshness of the fish which you can actually see them swimming in the tank near the tables.  It might sound horrible but they will take the fish out from the tank and cook them right away.  Can't be fresh than that!  


The atmosphere is very lively and also very traditional as you can see the staffs wearing those traditional clothes.  


Overall, the food at Uomori is superb. Simple, honest and delicious. Not to mention that the prices are a bargain for such high quality of food.  Make sure you try Toro Salmon and Salmon Egg Don when you are there.  


Ultimate Dish : Toro Salmon and Salmon Egg Don トロサーモン・イクラ丼

Price : 880 Yen

Restaurant : Uomori 魚盛

Nearest Station : JR Tokyo Station


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