Oyakodon in Torisanwa

You will realize how soft the chicken is when you eat oyakodon in ToriSanwa. The brand is called Kochin from Nagoya where they raise chickens in special way to make the meat much more tenderized.


The shop only has 6 counter seats available, so you will not be able to sit back and relax while you are eating. Apparently the place was built for people who just eat and go in less than 15 minutes but we personally think they should provide places to have their valuable chicken at more relaxing places so that people can appreciate their special chicken more. We recommend this place to you if you want to try the real oyakodon. They are exceptional.


Ultimate Dish : Oyakodon 親子丼

Price : 680 Yen

Restaurant : Torisanwa とりさんわ 鶏三和

Nearest Station : JR Tokyo Station


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