Cream Sauce Fresh Pasta with young chicken and mushroom in Mocaro

This cream sauce pasta is perfect!
- Pasta: Fresh pasta made from the durum wheat, into 50 different types of pasta, is selected to best match the pasta sauce.
- Chicken: It is well boiled, allowing the meat to unravel easily, and tangles well with the soup.
- Vegetables: They are boiled perfectly to have firm texture.
- The soup: Pasta, chicken, vegetable and the soup form a perfect ensemble, an harmony of texture and the delicious taste. It will make you warm from deep inside of the body.
This restaurant has  many pasta menus and they are all delicious, but I strongly recommend this soup pasta. Because it is perfect!


Ultimate Dish : Cream Sauce fresh pasta with young chicken and mushroom 若鶏ときのこのクリームソースの生パスタ

Price : 1,050 Yen

Restaurant : Mocaro モカロ 

Nearest Station : Tokyo Metro Sendagi Station


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